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Suddenly, they never mentioned the God of slavery again. The Great Hush.

SHHHHH --- We don't talk about that God anymore.


Can you kill a God?

Yes, oddly, but you have to create it first.    The Southern God of Slavery took nearly 50 years to create -- to entrench into Southern minds, Southern laws, and Southern culture.    

Death of the Southern God

Published by  on February 6, 2011
Lee said his God "knew and intended" slavery to be painful . 
Slaves were being punished by God
Despite the myth of kindess, Lee was a stunningly cruel slave master, according to his own slave ledgers.
by Mark Douglas
Suddenly, they never mentioned the God of slavery again. The Great Hush.
SHHHHH — We don’t talk about that God anymore.
Can you kill a God?
No.  But you can show it’s so fake that its own believers never mention Him again.  That’s what happened to the Southern “God of Slavery.”
What the South bragged about at the time, our history books don’t even mention now.  Slavery was very much a religious based enterprise, and could not possibly have thrived in the Southern US without it.
In fact, the “Bible Belt” got its start, ironically, from this fierce religious defense of slavery.  As Debow (of Debow’s Review) said in 1843, “God has completely silenced all opposition to slavery by His Holy Word.

Debow meant it -- any legal public opposition to slavery was GONE by 1843, in the South. Outlawed, officially.

A basic fact that your history teacher probably does not even suspect.

Well, God silenced opposition in the SOUTH — with the help of the draconian “anti-incendiary” laws, which set jail and possible torture (whipping) as the punishment for those who wrote openly, or even owned books, that questioned slavery. 

See the case of the North Carolina preacher arrested just for owning a book that questioned slavery and which predicted the oncoming Civil War. He was arrested for OWNING the book, simply owning it.

Did we mention he was arrested for just owning the BOOK?  He was found guilty, about to be whipped, a crowed formed to cheer the whipping!

Did you know such things went on, before the Civil War. Hell no.  You were never told. 

The judge ordered whipping and jail as punishment. He was allowed to appeal, posted bond, and promptly left the South.

Robert E Lee and Jeff Davis both defended slavery as ordained of God -- God even "intended" said Lee, that slaves feel "painful discipline, because pain is "necessary for their instruction".

Contrary to myth, Lee's slave ledgers and letters show a cruel man, who personally ordered slave girls to be tortured, and made sure he was there for the whippings, 


Oppression of free speech -- even religious speech -- against slavery is easily the most overlooked aspect of US history.

That is why the "GOD OF SLAVERY" had no opposition. Most people today assume there was freedom of speech -- surely freedom of religious speech - before the Civil War, in the South. No, there was not.

Contrary to the nonsense about the North getting rid of slavery because of climate, actually slave owners there were shamed --accused, exposed, humiliated.

Slave owners did not want to be humiliated in public, scorned by people, or read contrary information in the newspapers, or books.  Slave owners got into slavery to GET status, to GET power, not to lose it. Try to grasp that.

In the North, public shaming, and voting, stopped slavery in the North, not the temperature outside. 

It's stunning how stupid people are -- even history professers stupidly repeat the idiocy that temperature and soil determined slavery. How stupid can you be? Seriously.

And none of the "history experts"  mention the total control of anti-slavery speech. NOT ONE.  Nor do they mention the control of religious speech.

Each of them seem to have read the same bullshit about climate and soil.   As if "history" is just repeating selective bullshit excuses, not looking at all the facts. 


Because there was no freedom of speech, freedom to critize or shame or humiliate slave owners,  there was no way  to stop slave owners. And worse, no way to blast their bullshit in public.

Stopping free religious speech corrupted everything. With religion unable to fill its moral role, unable to challenge evil, there was no power to stop slavery. Religion became SUPPORTIVE of not just slavery, but even supported the torture of slaves.

A Southern “best-seller” was Slavery is Ordained of God by Pastor Ross, and while we don't know if Davis and Lee both had copies, many of the things they said were essentially the same things in that best selling book. 

 I would love to have a list of books that Davis and Lee owned, I bet Ross's book is in there.

The Bible, it said, condoned not only slavery, but the torture of slaves. This is what Lee believed, and said so in his letter to his wife, though he used "painful discipline they must endure" instead of the word torture. 

 Slaves "must endure" painful discipline, Lee wrote, because God intended it.  That's exactly what Pastor Ross told folks in his best seller, and exactly the mind set of every slave owner I ever heard about.

And remember, publically, no one could contest that mind set. That was the official mind set -- set in law, because of the anti-incendiary laws.

  According to Lee's own handwritten slave ledgers, he regularly had wayward slaves whipped, in fact, he screamed at slaves as he had them whipped, according to newspaper and eyewitness accounts

The Bible also implies that slave women must submit to the master’s sexual demands. This is another scripture widely known at the time — but never mentioned now. 

You can bet the men knew of it. Another Lee fact -- as time when on, the children born at Arlington were "increasingly WHITE" according to Lee biographer Elizabeth Pryor, who was allowed to study Lee's slave ledgers. Pryor claimed "there is no evidence" Lee fathered his own slaves --but implied he had to know who was fathering the "nearly white" slaves that Lee wrote about.

As a result, most preachers in the South simply avoided the topic. You did not have to advance slavery in your sermons, but you could not denigrate it, question it, or claim slavery was not of God.

You always could question it in the North.   That is why slavery became so entrenched in the South. 

If you preached to Blacks, you had to have a special license from the government — and you had to agree only to preach obedience.

When you hear of Lee or Jackson giving their slaves “religious education” — as if it were out of the goodness of the master’s heart — this is what they were teaching. 

Its ironic that so many people now give credit to slave owners for "religious education" to slaves. They didn't care about the slaves -- they wanted docile obedient slaves to do the work, and in many cases, give the slave owner pleasure.  The whip -- and preaching -- were the main control of slaves. That, plus the slave dogs that surrounded many plantations. That's another story.


Davis said slavery was a “Divine Gift of God” and that “God delivered the Negro unto us.” Davis, like Lee, is often portrayed as kind to his slaves or anti-slavery. Unfortunately, Davis  family did not keep his slave ledgers, as the Lee family did.

Davis was on a mission to spread slavery, and claimed the resistance to the spread of slavery was "the intolerable grievance" that mandated secession.

If you believe -- or pretend to believe -- slavery is ordained by God, and you will whip women, sell children, burn or hang slaves who resist, there is no line you won't cross. 

Slavery was “sealed by the blood of Christ."  said SOuthern leader Debow. Sealed by the blood of Christ!   How do you get that crazy?

The “great moral truth” that “God ordained slavery” was the very basis of the the Confederacy said its vice president, Alexander Stephens said. 

 Slavery was not an aspect of the Confederacy, it was the fundamental principle. That's according to his famous "Cornerstone" Speech. He bragged that the CSA was the only nation on earth founded on the principle of chattel slavery of blacks. Other nations had allowed slavery at times, after wars, for example. But the Confederacy was founded on "the revealed will" of Almighty God for white man to enslave the black race -- because God was punishing blacks for sins in the Old Testament !


Notice, however, that once Lincoln, Sherman, Grant, and the Union Army won — not one Southern leader ever said such nonsense again.

Not Lee; not Davis; not Bedford Forrest. Not Debow. Not any preacher; not any civil war veteran.

Not the most extreme; not the most timid. In fact, even private citizens, Southern newspapers, Southern books, thereafter never said God told them to enslave Blacks or anyone else.

One day their entire lives, their status, their reason for doing everything — was God telling them to enslave Blacks. But then Lee surrenders — and they never mention that God again.

Even in their private letters, there was a drastic change. You wont find private letters, written after Lee surrendered, claiming God ordained slavery. Go on look!  We have never found any.

Nor will you see any books published in the South after Lee surrendered, saying God ordained slavery. 

Their private letters before the war was very much about God's wish for slavery, and the justification for torture of slaves. But none of that -- NONE -- appears in any letter I know of after the war.

No more mention of this God that ordained slavery. No more insistence that they were doing the work of the Lord to spread slavery.

No one said the South had to give up their God of Slavery. 

No one said the South had to give up the "God ordained slavery meme".    No one even hinted at it.   The only condition to end the war was for the South to stop fighting it, and recognize the government in Washington.

But Southerners en masse, without communication, dumped this God of Slavery.  Do you find that strange? Even amazing?

I did. Totally, instantly, and forever. Why?  Why do they base their lives on this crap, claim God ordained slavery and torture, blah blah.  Then, not a word.

Either they did not believe that crap to begin with,  -- well, that can be the only reason.  Remember they BASED THEIR LIVES on this.

They tortured women because of it, they sold children, they went to war to spread slavery. It was not a slight belief.  They used violence and torture on slaves, they whipped, sold, and terrorized, based on this God of Slavery bullshit.

But when Lee surrendered -- their God lost. 

That is how they saw it, they realized, really, their God was fake. Can you think of a different reason they just no longer said that nonsense, even in private?

  They still talked and wrote and believed blacks were inferior, they still believed whites were the superior race and that blacks should not vote or intermingle with whites. That would last another 150 years. But no more about slavery being ordained by God.

It’s as if a light switch was flipped, and suddenly, no more God of slavery. What they screamed from the rooftops one day, they did not even whisper in private the next.


Lincoln’s lasting effect is not just the 13th Amendment… his most lasting effect was forever exposing the God of Slavery as a fake…. It’s unthinkable that anyone anywhere will again use the Christian faith to justify slavery. But slavery was very much an unsettled religious issue, until the South lost. Had the South won, slavery was going into Kansas, California, and Cuba, according to Davis, who was already trying to spread slavery there before the war..

All other things may change — we may see the U.S. fall into disunion, we may see all kinds of havoc and discord. Lincoln’s efforts to keep the U.S. together may only last 200 years or less.

But his efforts to discredit the God of slavery will very likely be enduring.